CyberCrack is both an art object and a Metaverse car

Authors have been inspired by an event that took place on 21st November 2019 in Los Angeles.

Elon Musk and his team have accidentaly damaged the "shock-proof" glass of the prototype truck

About the cybertruck

This cyber truck is rumoured to be built with Mars transportation in mind, and not just for our ordinary Earth roads.

The event and the iconic truck with the damaged glass seem to be a perfect candidate to be immortalized in NFT.


CyberCrack NFT includes

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3D Model

Skillfully designed highly complex and accurate 3D model (183,000 polygons) with textures.


Video movie

Video movie featuring CyberCraсk on Earth, on Mars in garage and something else - check it out!

VR platform compatibility

Light-weight model compatible with CyberCars, Spatial and other VR/Metaverse platforms

App Access

CyberCars app access that allows you to interact with your NFT automobile from anywhere, anytime.

CyberCrack has been created by CyberCars team who have also developed a Metaverse gateway
mobile app

The owner of this unique NFT automobile will be able to interact with it
in a garage, project it using AR mode and even participate in a drag
race in the streets of Monaco.

CyberCrack is issued in one copy and will be available on OpenSea platform upon the completion of the exhibition.

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